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ACE Academy offers short, concise video training courses and strategic workshops with our experts. The goal is to help users quickly become confident with the different tools and to optimize and adapt ACE to your business to build your future customer experience.

"We really liked that it was a hands-on session where we got help
to see how we can use the platform to create business value.
To sum it up, the education with Hannes was super! "
Lars Harling, Operations coordinator at LB Forsikring, following one of our business workshops
About ACE Academy

To help you get the most out of Telia ACE, we have created a portfolio of training and business development offerings aimed at maximizing value. ACE Academy offers short information films with quick answers to common questions, and workshops with our experts where we explore the platform's possibilities based on the specific needs of your business. We recommend using a combination of both.

All parts of ACE Academy build on solid experience of everyday user challenges and our in-depth knowledge of established best practice.

ACE Tutorials - Just in time training

Anyone with a specific question should get a specific answer – without having to wait. Instant access to educational information videos streamlines new employee on-boarding and helps with tasks that are performed once or twice every year and maybe not kept fresh in memory. We have selected the most frequently asked questions and the videos are based on real-life scenarios for relevance and efficient knowledge transfer.

Employees can find answers quickly themselves, without having to bug their colleagues or spend time finding and navigating a manual. Videos are always available when the employee needs them, and they are designed by experts who really know how to use the tools.

Have a look at the the chat module video below. It helps anyone new to the job, literally in a minute. In our growing portfolio of instructional videos there are another thirty that you can try out for one week free of charge.

Want more?

Don’t take our word for it. Try out the content of all our video tutorials for one week free of charge.

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Ace strategy - business workshops

To get the most out of the tools, an organization needs both competent users and an understanding of the underlying flow of business events. For new customers, we recommend a Business Workshop to get to know the system, to set up and configure according to your business needs. Many of our long-lasting clients also choose to conduct yearly or bi-yearly workshops with us for business development purposes, to sharpen their working methods based on up to date best practice in the smart customer meeting.


Our portfolio of expert-led workshops
ACE Coach Workshop

By optimizing the use of ACE Admin and Coach tools it may be possible to improve efficiency in many different ways. For example, you might be able cut response times by tweaking rules for call routing.

The right system, configured for business

Telia ACE Admin and Coach are easy-to-use but powerful applications to set up and configure ACE. It’s possible to optimize the system in detail to match each company's business objectives and unique requirements. Active users will find it useful to dive into the details to get an understanding for how changing a setting may affect the environment and statistics in reports. After the workshop you will get access to digital documentation, tailored to your business goals and working methods, which summarize the workshop and provides solid support in your work going forward.

Workshop agenda:

  • Walkthrough of concepts and settings in the system
  • Review and suggest configurations based on your operations
  • Highlight the flow of business events
  • Recommended workflows based on best practice
Any day that suits you
6-8 hours
At your premises or Skype
For coaches and managers
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ACE analytics workshop
Statistics help us see if we are reaching our goals. Well-thought-out metrics help us steer in the right direction. Goals that are set based on correct data lead to behaviors that raise the quality of every customer interaction.

The right report to the right person at the right time

Telia ACE is a gold mine that holds an almost infinite amount of information about the customer interactions. By exploring the data in depth using ACE Report, you create an opportunity for designing the optimal customer experience and doing it at the right cost. When we look at the numbers from the right angle, and sort the data based on the conditions in your business, details that are not visible at first glance appear. After the workshop you will get access to digital documentation, tailored to your business goals and working methods, which summarize the workshop and provides solid support in your work going forward.

Workshop agenda:
  • Walkthrough of statistical concepts and settings in ACE
  • Review and trainng in ACE Report
  • Handling reports in ACE Report
  • Recommend workflows and settings based on business goals and best practice
  • Create and configure reports that allow you to follow up KPIs
Any day that suits you
6-8 hours
At your premises
For managers and anyone working with statistics, analytics and follow up
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ACE WFM Workshop
Effective work force management and planning can be used to deliver better service to customers, increase profitability and create a better working environment for employees.

The right person at the right place at the right time

The right staffing is crucial for optimizing cost and delivering the right service level. A good staffing planning tool is key to a well-functioning customer service. But a tool is only as smart as the people using it.

We offer training in workforce management in three flavors: 1. for new or updated functionality, 2. for new users and 3. for business development using workforce planning. Every workshop is tailored for your specific situation. Our specialist consultants have many years of experience from several of the largest call centers in the Nordic region and can recommend settings and work flows for the system based on your needs.

Agenda workshop 1:
  • Review of new or updated functionality
  • Hands-on training in new module
  • Workflow tuning based on best practice
  • Long-term use and maintenance
Agenda workshop 2:
  • Review system functions
  • Examination of current workflows
  • Hands-on training using the application in your environment
  • Recommended next steps (optional)
Agenda workshop 3:
  • Interviews for analyzing current situation
  • Investigate current workflows
  • Review of best practice
  • Suggestions for adjustments and development
Any day that suits you
Full day
At your premises
For contact center executives and planners
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Meet our experts

All our instructors have extensive experience of contact center best practice and bring their knowledge to all educational events. The training extends beyond functionality and commands and we explore the system in relation to your business and how it can be used to increase profitability, facilitate governance and more.


Jutta Billström

”As an analyst, I like to use numbers to make the world understandable to our customers. I often meet customers who have a hunch that things are one way or the other, but it is only when they get the numbers in black and white that it becomes knowledge they can act on.”

Hannes Jansson

”The goal is to staff as accurately as possible, and this is achieved by collecting and analyzing all available system and operational data. Together with our customers, I explore the requirements for staffing and waiting times and analyze them in relation to customer behaviours.”

Monika Olsson

”Over the years I have met many customers and followed the way they work. I see if there are knowledge gaps to fill or if there is potential for improving efficiency. For me, it is just as fun to meet customers who are completely new to the system as it is to do a follow-up a few years after the introduction and see if it is possible to work even smarter.”