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ACE Knowledge

ACE Knowledge is an AI and data-driven knowledge base and the source of information for your chatbot, smart FAQ and internal agent support.

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Pontus Brohult, Postnord
Why not give ACE Knowledge a go with our free trial?

Try a new way to share knowledge internally or manage common questions for your web site visitors. You could be creating your first guide in five minutes!

We offer 30 days free of charge for you to play, test and decide if it’s the right tool for your organization.

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Knowledge in focus

Gather the entire organization’s knowledge in ACE Knowledge and provide customized responses to your customers, subcontractors and customer service teams in all of the languages used in your business.

Manage everything from the same platform

ACE Knowledge allows the editor to create guides, train the chatbot, create and configure user interfaces and set business rules for the service easily and quickly. All in one place!

Customized interfaces

Smart FAQ, internal knowledge portal or chatbot. Our interfaces mean you can share the right knowledge with the right person, regardless of channel. It is easy to customize the look of the interfaces to match your organization's graphic profile, and of course they look just as professional on your computer, tablet or cell.

Several smart features
Version management

View, compare, and recreate previous versions of content.

Ready-made integrations

Ready-made integration with several market leading suppliers.

Access rights management

Support for roles, groups and simple configuration for single sign-on.

Scheduled publishing

Determine when new content will be published and unpublished.

Linguistic support

Manage content in 17 different languages in ACE Knowledge.

Response versions

Create different versions of the same content for a range of target groups.

Book a demo

We can certainly describe the different parts of the system and explain the value they can bring to your organization. But it is only when you see it with your own eyes that you can fully grasp the potential. Get in touch to book a demo, and we will take you on a guided tour of Telia ACE.

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