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ACE Conversations

Regardless of what channel your customers want to use, we can interlink all the interactions into one seamless conversation. Create a solution that matches your customer behavior today and easily connect to new channels in the future.

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“62 % use the Internet for video calls.
This is a rise of 20 percentage points over 2 years.”
Swedes and the Internet 2017

ACE Chat

ACE Chat contains complete chat features that allow your customers to chat with your agents via your website or app. It is easy to customize the chat's graphic form to match your website. It is also possible to confirm the customer's identity via Mobile Bank ID.

The agent writes and responds in ACE Interact, the text is spell checked and the agent can easily use ready-made answers from ACE Knowledge. The agent uses time effectively as it is possible to have multiple chat windows open simultaneously. If the customer wishes to save the conversation, it is easy to send it via email once the chat has ended, and it is also stored for you in the ACE Interact contact archive.

ACE Video

Video calls and video chats are becoming increasingly common. When meeting participants observe each other's gestures and body language, the meeting becomes more personal, and sometimes it helps to show how something appears in real life. Our solution makes it possible to embed video in your app or web page, and you can also start a video from a chat.

Video calls are routed as any call would be in ACE Interact, and there is also the option to confirm the customer's identity via Mobile Bank ID.

ACE Email

Do your customers get in touch via email? ACE Email contains several features that make customers feel well looked after — for example intelligent text analysis and advanced automatic answer. These can be configured to ensure that customers receive a range of responses depending on the email content, queue time and place in the queue. The text analysis is used to route the email to the right person with the right skill.

ACE Email passes on the messages to the agents in ACE Interact in the same way as all other media. The agent has a set of ready-made of answers from ACE Knowledge, a spell checker, alternate sender addresses and other smart features. Email conversations are saved in ACE Interact’s contact archive.




ACE Incoming call

No matter how many multifaceted online channels are added, there are times when you want to talk to a living person. Telia ACE offers effective telephone contact options. It's also possible to add a conversational IVR with menu choice or speech recognition.

The agents respond to the calls in ACE Interact and can, for example, forward, pause or start three-party calls (conference calls).

Features are also available for operators: ACE Operator.

ACE Callback

Callback can make the contact centre available online and in mobile apps but can also be used to allow customers to keep their place in the phone queue without having to remain on hold. The customer can send a text message for a callback, or the agent can book a callback appointment for a later time. We have optimized the option of introducing a callback strategy to balance customer satisfaction with efficiency, for example by offering a callback immediately to those who have called more than once.

ACE Campaign and dialer

Many organizations need to proactively contact large numbers of people over the phone. These calls might concern sales campaigns, follow-up or information about citizens. By importing the contact details into Telia ACE, the caller does not need to dial the number. The call is scheduled and automatically routed to the agent.

Telia ACE makes planning and scheduling campaigns uncomplicated. It is vital to reach the right people at the right time in a simple manner, and there are features in place for processing and prioritizing different address entries, in order, for example, to reach different target groups at different times. The level of efficiency is also enhanced by the fact that ACE Dialer automatically adapts to suit the answer frequency, which allows you to reach more customers.



For short messages that the recipient benefits from right now, SMS is a difficult channel to beat. One beep from your cell and you have the discount code or booking information. The SMS function allows you to send text messages from ACE Interact. Received SMS messages can be converted and sent to agents as an email for the sake of simplicity.

SMS is also a key to excellent and customized self-service; text messages can for example be sent automatically from the support system with information about offers or changes to delivery times, or as reminders.


ACE Social Media

Everything moves quickly in social channels. Customers expect to receive immediate feedback on their questions and comments, and if they are not properly managed, negative posts and comments can easily go viral. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are routed in the same expedient and effective manner as any other contact channels. Here you can simply capture what is being said about you online and act immediately using Telia ACE.

Maximize the customer journey

Seamless transitions between automated and manual contacts, where historical data is included. Customer truly in focus. Learn more about the available opportunities.

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We can certainly describe the different parts of the system and explain the value they can bring to your organization. But it is only when you see it with your own eyes that you can fully grasp the potential. Get in touch to book a demo, and we will take you on a guided tour of Telia ACE.

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