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Service 24/7

Chatbots, smart knowledge bases and conversational IVR

Self-service in the contact center

Using a self-service tools like the chatbot from Telia ACE, means that you can create an automated customer meeting with a humanlike experience. It reduces waiting time in queues, gives your customers autonomy and gives your agents the chance to focus on more complex errands.

Telia ACE for self-service tools

Chatbots, conversational IVR and smart FAQ:s

Customized interfaces

Smart FAQ, internal knowledge portal or chatbot. Our interfaces mean you can share the right knowledge with the right person, regardless of channel. It is easy to customize the look of the interfaces to match your organization’s graphic profile, and of course they look just as professional on your computer, tablet or cell.

Humanlike conversations

Surveys show that about 70% of people prefer to speak rather than press buttons. In Telia ACE, you have an IVR that also understands when the customer describes the issue using his or her own words

Safe signatures

Instead of sending out a form to the customer, who you then hope will sign and return it, the customer can immediately read through the contract and sign during the ongoing conversation. The document to be signed can be sent to the recipient via email, text message or be delivered by our chatbot, and the signed document represents a legally binding agreement.

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