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Sharing our expertise for a better experience

Expert consulting helping your business

Together towards your optimal customer meeting

Our consultants help you get the most out of the Telia ACE platform. Guiding you to your optimal solution, ensuring a successful implementation, and tweaking the platform to meet your changing business needs. We have experts in the fields of smart routing, workforce management, Interaction Analytics, statistics, automation, and every aspect of the digital customer meeting.

Telia ACE for your business

Expert consulting to improve your everyday needs

In the business of making a difference

We are in the business of making a difference: By identifying problems, by clarifying that which is unclear, and uncovering that which is hidden. Our consultants know the Nordic markets, maintain a long-term perspective in every little decision, and take a bird’s eye view even when it comes down into the nitty gritty details.

Avoid the tech freeze

A historic technology leap is unfolding, and everybody is asking the same questions: How can we use new tools to maximize value, and when is the right time to move? When choices seem overwhelming, and things are moving fast, we may find ourselves in a state of indecisiveness. A workshop to explore the technological landscape in the context of your business goals is the perfect way to get moving in the right direction.

Elegant solutions to complex problems

Digitalization can make life easier for people who work in your organization, as well as for the customers, patients, citizens, or members you serve. But no two organizations are identical, and unique challenges need customized solutions. With creativity, engagement, and application of best practice, we collaborate to design the solutions that best align with your business goals.

New technology means new ways of working, and all change is inherently challenging. But given the right guidance it can also be inspiring and fun. A helping hand ensures a safe journey for your staff up the competence ladder.

Proven concept in new contexts

A safe guide on the digitalization journey

Imagine coming to a new city and having access to a person who has lived there for a long time. Who knows which bus will take you to the most interesting parts of town, which restaurants the locals themselves visit, and how to deal with challenges when they arise.

Our consultants are kind and engaged and know the Telia ACE platform like the back of their hands. Always ready to inspire, share ideas and find smart solutions to optimize every aspect of your customer meeting. We guide you through every project with sharp brains and warm hearts.

Telia ACE is a platform with infinite possibilities and new features are continuously added to make the customer meeting even better. So, there will always be ways to get more out of the solution – such as optimizing contact flows, achieve seamless customer journeys and use technology to offer your staff a less stressful and more flexible workday. Invite us for a workshop and let’s explore how the platform can generate the most possible value to your business or organization.

Making the most of the Telia ACE platform

”We got help to set up a screen sharing solution, resulting in a higher number of, and a more efficient, digital advisory sessions.”
Johan Hagman, Group Manager, Online Advisory, Skandia Bank & Insurancey

Just like all technology, the Telia ACE platform requires collaboration between people who work with IT, decision makers and those who work hands on with the solution. Our consultants are fluent in “tech”, “business”, and “contact center” and guide you from business need to the right technological solution – including new ways of working.

Bridging the gap between IT and operation

The experts you need

Our team of consultants work in a range of different areas. We have specialized Java developers, one group who are experts in ways of working and several have worked as leaders and with workforce management in large customer service organizations. But even though they have different areas of expertise they all share a passion for making a difference for our customers. Our engagement is the difference that you can feel in every contact, and we are gutsy enough to say that all our consultants have jobs that are a perfect fit for them.  

Elin Olsson


The best thing about being a digital customer interaction specialist is the close contact I have with our customers. I love analyzing and fine tuning workflows, or suggest completely new ones. I’m a problem solver with a combination of understanding details and seeing the big picture. After working with ACE for almost ten years, as an educator and project manager, I know the platform well and appreciate how all roles contribute to creating real value.

Jutta Billström


As an analyst, I like to use numbers to make the world understandable to our customers. I often meet customers who have a hunch that things are one way or the other, but it is only when they get the numbers in black and white that it becomes knowledge they can act on.

Anna Amborn

Technology/ Systems consulting

I strive to help our customers achieve efficient workforce planning. By having the right personal on site at the right time, you can achieve better service to customers, increase profitability and decrease manual work. With my experience and knowledge in workforce management, I want to help our customers manage and plan their business to get satisfied customers and employees.