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AI – how the contact center industry prioritizes

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During the Telia ACE Roadshow in the fall of 2022 we asked the participants a number of a curious questions about their focus areas, strategic technology choices and what they see as their primary challenges for the year to come. A few of the questions concerned AI; an area where a lot is happening at the moment, and that many contact centers prioritize.

The participants answers, along with an analysis by Fredrik Lemming and Mathias Johansson, is available in the report Customer meeting insights 2023. Fredrik is the head of Telia ACE, and Mathias is responsible for the future development of the product. Both have been in the industry for more than 20 years.

Here below we share some key insights concerning AI from the report.

AI – already top of mind

  • Close to a third of our customers have already taken their first steps on the exciting technology journey that we have in front of us. 29% have already implemented a service with AI features. 14% have taken it further and have implemented more than one service.
  • We also have a bunch who are about to get started. 9% are performing proof of concept or prototyping, and half of the respondents who answered the survey shared that they are actively working on learning more about the possibilities with AI.  
  • At the moment the greatest interest is in the area of conversational AI, that is solutions such as chatbots and virtual agents that are interacting with the customers via speech. 49% said that they are planning on implementing virtual agents or conversational interfaces within the next two years.
  • 29% are planning on implementing a solution for voice recognition that will translate spoken language to written text.

Why we want to implement AI technology

When we asked about the driving force for implementing AI solutions, these were the most common answers:

  • Elevate the customer experience (65%)
  • Achieve a higher efficiency in the customer meeting (56%)
  • Use data to work more insight driven (39%)

There is also an interest in AI as a vitalizing ingredient during the workday and 22% state that one of the goals is to enhance creativity and innovation.

Read more in Customer meeting insights 2023. Download the full report here!

The future is even smarter

When our expert Emma Berglund speaks about AI, she says that it no longer is an exciting technology with a great potential in the future, but that we already are on the threshold of a time of great transformation. It is happening right now in front of our eyes.

On November 30th, the new technology was launched to the public as the chatbot ChatGPT that converses as a human and delivers answers of a quality on a whole new level. It is the fastest growing internet service ever, and it will undoubtedly affect those of us who work with the customer experience.

Read Emmas blogg where she helps us catch up on the latest developments, and relates the insights to the contact center industry.

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