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Our team of consultants work in a range of different areas. We have specialized Java developers, one group who are experts in ways of working and several have worked as leaders and with workforce management in large customer service organizations.

But even though they have different areas of expertise they all share a passion for making a difference for our customers. Our engagement is the difference that you can feel in every contact, and we are gutsy enough to say that all our consultants have jobs that are a perfect fit for them.

Meet some of our consultants here! 

Ida Jonsgården

CUSTOmer success manager

Change is happening faster than ever before, and my job is to help my customer navigate the dynamic landscape in the best possible way. By being transparent I strive to make the people who are responsible for the Telia ACE platform at my customer heroes in their organization. I also believe that trust is crucial and that we become smarter and more creative when we all sit on the same side of the table.

Jutta Billström


As an analyst, I like to use numbers to make the world understandable to our customers. I often meet customers who have a hunch that things are one way or the other, but it is only when they get the numbers in black and white that it becomes knowledge they can act on.

Helena Renmark

Customer success manager

I am a problem solver. Both in terms of technology and relationships. Other people may want to take a step back when they encounter difficulties, but I see it as an opportunity to find a solution and to make a real difference. My number one goal is to help my customer to identify their pains and help guide them to a solution that will take them in the direction of their business goal

Anders Lindqvist

CUSTOmer success manager

I enjoy being in the middle of the action, and to be the person the customer turns to when they need help. I believe that you build trust by being perceptive and to create an atmosphere where people generously give positive feedback, but where they also feel comfortable talking about things that are not running smoothly. That’s the foundation for successful collaboration.

Eva Nordstrand

customer success manager

Many organizations experience a gap between the technology and the needs of the business. It can feel overwhelming to navigate an increasingly complex technological landscape, and I help my customer bridge that gap. I enjoy discussing operative challenges, looking at them from different angles, and finding new creative solutions together. The more possibilities you see, the more exciting it gets.

Malin Holmqvist

CX consultant

A good portion of my job is about problem-solving, both strategically and tactically. From taking a bird’s eye view on our customers overarching goals, to getting hands with a chatbot to ensure that it answers a specific question in a certain way. I am fascinated by how humans and technology interact and how AI technology will shape the customer meeting of the future.

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