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Cookie Policy

On our websites, we use cookies and other similar technologies. You can choose whether you want to allow our websites to store cookies on your computer or not. You can change your choices at any time.

Your consent is required

You choose whether you want to accept cookies on your device or not. Your consent is required for the use of cookies, but not for such cookies that are necessary to enable the service that you as a user have requested. If you do not accept our use of cookies, or if you have previously approved our use and have changed your mind, you can return to your cookie settings at any time and change your choices. You do this by clicking on the cookie button/link. You may also need to change the settings in your browser and manually delete cookies to clear your device of previously stored cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer by the web browser while browsing a website. When we refer to cookies (“cookies”) in this policy, other similar technologies and tools that retrieve and store information in your browser, and in some cases forward such information to third parties, in a manner similar to cookies. Examples are pixels, local storage, session storage and fingerprinting.

The websites will “remember” and “recognize” you. This can be done by placing cookies in three different ways:

  • The session ends, ie until you close the window in your browser.
  • Time-limited, ie the cookie has a predetermined lifespan. The time may vary between different cookies.
  • Until further notice, ie the information remains until you choose to delete it yourself. This applies to local storage.

You can always go into your browser and delete already stored cookies yourself.

Third Party Cookies

We use third-party cookies on our websites. Third-party cookies are stored by someone other than the person responsible for the website, in this case by a company other than Telia.

Telia uses external platforms to communicate digitally, these include the Google Marketing Platform and others. The platforms use both first- and third-party cookies as well as similar techniques to advertise and follow up the results of the advertising.

A third-party cookie can be used by several websites to understand and track how you browse between different websites. Telia receives information from these cookies, but the information can also be used for other purposes determined by third parties. Third-party cookies found on our website are covered by each third-party privacy policy. Feel free to read these to understand what other purposes the information can be used for. Links are in our Cookie Table.

For information about which third-party cookies are used on our websites, see our Cookie Table. For more information on how Telia handles personal data in connection with transfers to third parties, read our Privacy Policy.

Cookies on our websites

In order for you to have better control over which cookies are used on the websites, and thus be able to more easily decide how cookies should be used when you visit our websites, we have identified three different categories of cookies. These categories are defined based on the purposes for the use of the cookies.

In our Cookie Table, you can also see which category each cookie belongs to, for what purposes it is used and for how long it is active.

We have identified the following three categories of cookies. All categories contain cookies which means that data is shared with third parties.

These cookies are necessary for our website to function securely and correctly, therefore they cannot be turned off. For example, cookies identify you when you login to and know where you are in the buying process.

Analytics & functionality
These cookies give us information about how our websites are used and give us the opportunity to improve the user experience. There are also functions that make it possible to run our chatbot and that we remember your settings, such as language selection, addresses, etc.

These cookies help us and our partners to display personalized and relevant ads based on your surfing behavior with us, even when you later visit other websites. The cookies in the category are used for targeted marketing and profiling, regardless of which device or devices you have used. Information collected for these purposes can also be combined with customer and traffic data we have about you, if you have given your consent for us to use your traffic data for marketing and not objected to the use of your customer data for marketing purposes.

Manage settings

We save your cookie consent for 12 months. Then we will ask you again. Please note that some cookies have a lifespan that exceeds these 12 months. You may therefore need to change the settings in your browser and manually delete all cookies.

More information on how to turn off cookies can be found in the instructions for your browser.

Our Cookie Table

Below, you will find a list of the cookies and similar technologies that we use on this website. These cookies are stored on your device by us.

Cookie domainCookieCategoryPurposeLifespan
ace-showcase.commoove_gdpr_popupNecessary (Level 1)The cookie is used to remember what level of cookie consent the user has given consent to.12 months
ace-showcase.compll_languageNecessary (Level 1)The cookie is used to remember what level of cookie consent the user has given consent to.12 months
VendorApplicationCatogoryPurposeMore information about the applicationThird party settings
TeliaTelia ACEAnalytics & functionality (Level 2)Humany is the tool we use for chat including a chat bot. The cookies are used to manage the flow of chat messages.Humany store cookies in the web browser in order to show correct information when you interact with the support widget.You can make settings in your own browser to control cookies from several different parties. The possibilities depends on which browser you use.
GoogleYoutubeAnalytics & functionality (Level 2)Youtube is used in order to be able to show videos from Youtube on our website. In order to do this, Youtube sets third-party cookies in order to be able to display the requested content.Information collected by this tool may also be used for other purposes by the provider Google. For more information on how Google processes your personal data and uses cookies: och a Google user, you can manage your ad settings at the following link:
MatomoMatomo AnalyticsAnalytics & functionality (Level 2)Matomo is a Telia-hosted web analytics tool used to analyze the behavior and use of the website.Read about the cookies placed by Matomo here:
What are the cookies created by Matomo JavaScript Tracking client? FAQ – Analytics Platform – Matomo
You can make settings in your own browser to control cookies from several different parties. The possibilities depends on which browser you use.