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ACE Chat

Covers all needs for text-based conversations

Convenient way to meet the customer online

ACE Chat includes ready-made features that allow your customers to chat with your agents via web or app. It’s easy to customize the color and shape of the chat card to fit with your web and graphic profile. It is also possible to allow the customer to identify themselves with, for example, Mobile BankID. 

The agent writes and responds in ACE Interact, the text is spell-checked, and the agent can easily use ready-made answers from ACE Knowledge. The agent uses their time as efficiently as it is possible to have multiple chats running at the same time. If the customer wants to save the conversation, it’s easy to send it by email after the end of the chat and it’s also stored in ace interact’s contact archive. 

About ACE Chat

In short
  • Integrated into ACE Omnichannel
  • Chatbot history handover support
  • Secure link management

Complete chat function with great benefits

All ACE general omnichannel policies (routing, administration, reporting, intent identification) apply to chat. The agent can see in ACE Interact if the customer is securely authenticated, for example with Mobile BankID and who the customer is. Chat sessions are encrypted to protect customer privacy. 

General routing policy

Telia ACE general routing policies are applied to chats. Chats can be routed based on several different intents. Customer data and the customer’s intent are compiled on the web and accessible for the agents. The same data can be used to automatically look up information in underlying ERP systems. Chats can be forwarded to colleagues or other queues if necessary, and all information is included during the chat’s lifetime. 

Chats are routed to agents using push and pull or a combination of both. 


Statistics and interaction data are stored and compiled in a common database and with the same metrics as other channels. This ensures consistent channel interaction statistics. Statistical metrics are synchronized with each chat status, to avoid duplicates on, for example, AHT. 

Configuration and customizations

Webchat is presented on the web page with an inline, floating or bot widget. The SDK includes features for queue information and opening hours. The configuration and customization of chat widgets is done in a graphical interface, both styling and icons. 

Integrate with ACE Knowledge

Chat contact form or contact us data can be integrated with ACE Knowledge. With ACE Knowledge, relevant answers to the customer’s question are presented directly in the chat, limiting the need to send emails. 

Chat opening hours

Opening hours are configured in ACE Coach and presented seamlessly in the widget on the website 

More features

Offer the customer to switch to video calls or to have a copy of the conversation emailed after the chat ends. ACE Video requires a separate license. 

Examples of features

  • Targets for the number of concurrent chats can be configured at the individual level. The system automatically controls the chats according to routing policies until the target is reached. Agents can engage in more conversations by accepting more chats 
  • A threaded conversation history is available in ACE Interaction View. This is useful when different agents have had multiple interactions over time, in different channels, with the customer. For text-based interactions, the content of the conversation, automatized default phrases such as greetings and endings are displayed. It saves time for agents.  
  • Stored responses saves time and quality assures communication— keyboard shortcuts for common responses—macros that expand to agent name, date, customer name, case ID, or other interaction data related to chat— macros can be administered by the coach— different sets of saved responses can be defined for different teams
  • ACE Knowledge, can be used for more comprehensive responses including attachments and links 
  • Spell checker for agent’s response 
  • Place the chat in an ACE queue or waiting list or other agent’s personal queue 
  • Personal address book, common address book and organization directory 
  • Clickable links received by the agent by the customer are opened in a secure “sandbox” environment 
  • Standard configured widget inline/floating/bot widget 
  • Integrated features for information about queue times and opening hours 
  • Color and shape CSS 
  • Customize widgets or apps with the Web SDK 
  • The agent can reply to chats from a list, or chats can be automatically distributed until each agent’s individual parallel chat targets are reached. 

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