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ACE BookMe

Book advisory meetings directly on your web

Advisory meetings made easy.

BookMe offers a simple booking process for the customer who can book personal meetings directly on the web. Available slots are displayed automatically and the calendar is updated in real time and confirmation is sent to the customer by e-mail and sms. The agent can change bookings, cancel, and create new bookings in their own BookMe view.

About BookMe

In short
  • Increased accessibility
  • Voice, video and screen sharing
  • The customer books personal meetings directly in the web
  • Confirmations and reminders with automated e-mail and sms-mailings
  • The agent can easily book and change their own meetings

Configuration in BookMe

BookMe settings are configured in BookMe Admin. The administrator can

  • create, modify, and delete meeting types
  • see, change and cancel all meetings
  • see all the information about meetings
  • change a specific meeting
  • see statistics like total availability versus the number of bookings
  • switch booked agent
  • create new meetings
  • create groups of agents who can be booked for certain meeting types

Handle bookings in BookMe Admin

In BookMe Admin, all BookMe settings are made in the built-in WYSIWYG editor. Set how long the meeting should be, time for wrap up, and whether you should let your customers choose an agent for the meeting or if BookMe will assign the meeting to an available agent automatically.

Write a brief description of the meeting, set up which group of agents will handle the meeting, and finish by creating sms and email confirmation and reminders.

Each meeting type has a group of agents associated with it. An agent can belong to several different meeting types in BookMe.

BookMe can use information provided by the customer at the time of booking to personalize email confirmations and reminders.

Easy booking process for the customer

For the customer, the booking process is simple. In just four steps, the customer goes from seeing available meeting types to a scheduled meeting. The customer chooses the meeting, time, fills in their details and any comments and then immediately receives a confirmation of their booking. Done!

If the customer needs to update their contact information or cancel their appointment, it can be done directly via the confirmation sent by e-mail and/or sms.

  • BookMe is available in English and Swedish with Danish and Norwegian coming soon
  • Requires Azure AD and Office 365
  • SSO- MS Azure AD

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Webinar – BookMe

Welcome to a webinar about new functionality in ACE BookMe, a Telia ACE tool for customer service remote meetings. 

The functionality will add an effortless channel to set up customer meetings. The meetings can be voice and video with screensharing possibilities but also other video meeting functions. ACE BookMe provides a web interface for the booking of the meetings, including the necessary confirmations and reminders with automated e-mails and SMS.  

Please note that this webinar is presented in Finnish and English.

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